Our Team.

At Mazards, we bring together life science experts and visionaries dedicated to transforming biotech search.

Mazards thrives on the expertise of a dynamic team, including Aamir, a seasoned entrepreneur with a 20-year track record in scaling businesses; Roop, a life sciences analyst & strategist with 15 years of Board-level experience; Rory, a seasoned sales leader with 30+ years of expertise in computing and health technology; Rina, a client relations specialist with two decades of experience; and Devin, the Chief Content Officer, bringing creative prowess to life science search. Together, they propel Mazards forward.

Aamir Butt

        Chairman & CTO        

Roop Chandwani

Chief Executive Officer

Rory Lavelle

Chief Commercial Officer

Devin Welch

Chief Content Office

Hannah O'Reilly

Office Manager & PA

Rina Chandwani

Finance Manager

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