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Superior Performance

We recruit exceptional individuals to highly stimulating, rewarding and life changing opportunities in global healthcare. Our commitment to success is absolute and continues well beyond the appointment.

In working with Mazards you can expect three things.

  • The first is challenge. The nature of your business and ambitions, and our reputation means that positions are extremely demanding. You can trust us to rise to the challenge every single time without fail.
  • The second is support. We create long-term partnerships with you, making our contacts, knowledge and expertise available to you, and anticipating future growth requirements of your business. You can trust us to continually support you in finding the right solutions, whether that includes us or not.
  • Finally, you can count on success. We never prioritise fees over success. We choose our clients just as carefully as you choose us. You demonstrate all the necessary attributes for success as must we. We welcome contact with high calibre individuals with strong leadership and commercial focus with a track for success.
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    We provide you solutions for the challenges of growth and change in areas that include international expansion, novel technologies, value inflection points, new markets, joint ventures and underperforming assets. We find the people and create the teams to make your strategy succeed.

    Mazards provides clients in global life sciences and health technology businesses a service which is not only unique but also measurably successful.

    That’s important because you are embarking on developments which will be critical for the future of your business. For you, the industry statistic of nearly one in three high-level appointments ending in failure is simply not good enough.

    At Mazards, our team's record of success is enviable.

    Our consistency and outcome is different and so is our approach. Our service is about much more than people, it is individual, responsive and highly effective. And for you, the difference is in the results.

    Why Choose Us

    Flexible, value-oriented recruiting with three levels of service so you only pay for what you need. Virtual, scalable, and no long-term contracts.

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Our team has hands on experience in the life sciences industries. We use our knowledge to find the right candidates without gimmicks or hidden fees.

    Contractor Interim Staffing

    Filling a short-term need is easier with contract labour. Our scalable service can fill any position for any length of time.

    Executive Talent Placement

    Having been in high level positions ourselves, our team is uniquely suited to sourcing your executive talent needs and creating long lasting relationships.